How To Treat Gambling Addiction Medically With Naltrexone

Gambling is addictive . This fact then encourages many scholars in the medical field to find solutions that are suitable for the medical field. Recently, a group of researchers informed that they had found a way to treat gambling addiction. The drug with the name Naltrexone is claimed to be a drug to reduce gambling addiction behavior. This article will cover as much as information about how to treat gambling addiction medically with Naltrexone. 

Intrigued by how Naltrexone works on the performance of the brains of gambling players who are already included in the category of gambling addicts. Let’s look at the following information. 


Naltrexone itself is actually a type of drug that has been around for a long time. Medical personnel also use this drug as a drug to reduce symptoms of addictive behavior and other forms of addictive behavior. 

how to treat gambling addiction medically with Naltrexone.

How to treat gambling addiction medically with Naltrexone is a very good question to be discussed. Naltrexone works the same way to reduce any other addictive behavior. Naltrexone functions to control the production of endogenous opioid substances in the brain. Similar compounds are also produced from the brains of addicts to addictive substances such as drugs, alcoholic drinks, etc. Did you know, this endogenous opioid substance has the ability to induce compulsive behavior (behavior that describes an unbearable desire). 


A number of research teams have conducted several studies. The research team has also summarized and published the results of this research in a Monash University guideline . This guideline which contains about how to treat gambling addiction with Naltrexone has received approval from the local health and medical research institute. Even these guidelines have been published in a journal in Australia. 


Unfortunately, when asked about the effectiveness of Naltrexone as a way to treat gambling addiction, there is no strong scientific evidence. Then about the post-consumption safety of this drug, the research team revealed that this drug has side effects. The side effect of consuming this drug is pain in the digestive organs. Although each patient will experience different side effects.  

The severity of side effects will be in accordance with the tolerance level of each individual’s body who takes this drug. Therefore, the research team appealed to the authorities who distribute Naltrexone to always check and adjust the dosage before patients consume it. 

The phenomenon of addiction, both gambling addiction and addiction to other things (addictive substances and alcoholic drinks, for example) is actually the same phenomenon, namely the emergence of compulsive behavior due to a stimulant. Well, the difference is only in the type of stimulant. While the way to treat gambling addiction or other addictions is fairly the same. 

Especially in the case of gambling addiction, it is clear that the main stimulant is behavior. The same stimulants also apply to cases of addiction to pornography and sex. This is of course different from cases of addiction to drugs, cigarettes and alcoholic drinks. The stimulants in these cases are substances that are addictive. 

How to treat gambling addiction with Naltrexone is of course a new breakthrough that deserves appreciation. Apart from using this method, patients who are none other than gambling addicts also need to carry out other methods so that the results are effective. For example, by running psychological therapy. 


There are also ways to treat other gambling addictions, namely with a spiritual approach which will later have a positive impact on the spirituality of the addict. Another alternative way to reduce compulsive behavior is to have good self-control . Of course, the family support factor will also have a significant impact on the psychology of the addict. 

How To Treat Gambling Addiction Medically With Naltrexone

So, what is the worst possibility if someone with symptoms of gambling addiction does not quickly implement ways to treat gambling addiction such as eliminating gambling addiction with Naltrexone? If compulsive behavior appears and does not immediately receive appropriate treatment, the patient who is none other than the gambling addict is likely to be at risk of experiencing a brain disorder (as the center of pleasure & satisfaction). 

This can happen because the brain will send the same commands over and over again. The brain as the memory center will also be affected by this compulsive behavior. It sounds terrible.

The case of gambling addiction has become a phenomenon that is currently rife. Especially during a pandemic like this, which requires most people to stay at home in order to reduce the spread of Covid19. Online gambling has often become a new routine for most of our society with the reason to fill spare time while staying at home . Or they also make online gambling as entertainment during their busy lives at WFH.

This is information about how to treat gambling addiction medically with Naltrexone. Hopefully this information is useful for you readers. If you have additional information about the same topic, we are happy to invite you to add comments to add info on this site.