How to Stop Online Gambling Addiction Using The Field of Psychiatry And Religion

Online gambling for some people is certainly a fun thing to do. But these people need to be aware that without good self-control, this online activities can trigger online gambling addiction. When a person has become a full fledged gambling addict, it will be difficult to cure. There needs to be a special treatment to deal with this kind of addiction so that the effects of addictive behavior do not spread. 



Gambling that has turned into addiction is called pathogenic gambling or is familiar with the term pathological gambling. In the field of psychology, a person with gambling pathology will find it difficult to control gambling addiction behavior. This behavior will then have a negative impact on psychology, profession, finance, and law. 

Most countries have their own rules about what age is allowed. You must ensure that you are aware of any applicable age restrictions and can comply with them.

As stated by the admin, one of the online game site owners, that their party has strictly enforced age restrictions in the use of their site platform. However, they cannot fully control who is playing.

“This, actually needs monitoring from parents. Because, registrants could manipulate data. Or even using their parents’ accounts, ”said Fendy.

The same thing was said by the owner of online gaming site, Bigwin333. Efforts that can be made to build player awareness in the game are to convey information openly. In particular, the bad effects of gambling and how to detect and overcome them. “Our effort is to provide information regarding the bad effects of gambling and how to overcome them. But, again, this all comes back to the players, “he said.

Even worse, there are also impacts that have to do with the personal life of the gambling addict. For example, the household becomes less harmonious, the father-son relationship is not close, becomes lazy, and so on. 

Gambling addiction will also have an adverse impact on physical health. For example, by often staying up late because they are too engrossed in gambling, a player has a greater risk of heart disease than those who have normal sleep patterns. This is only a small part of the devastating effects of online gambling addiction. So, is there a way to deal with online gambling addiction? 


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The admin of the trusted online sports betting site Macauindo said that every problem has a solution. Likewise with the problem of gambling addiction. There are several ways to deal with online gambling addiction that you can try if you have relatives or family who are addicted to betting games that are usually offered by this gambling agent

These methods are quite effective if the addict regularly applies them. We have written various ways to solve the problem of online gambling addiction in a simple delivery style. The goal is that readers can easily and enjoy reading this article. Let’s look at some of the alternative ways to deal with online gambling addiction below. 

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How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction with Basic Solutions

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Reducing or even eliminating addictive online gambling behavior is not easy. This process requires a long time plus a strong commitment from the addict himself. The addict must have a strong intention to rethink the bad effects of gambling that he may have experienced. Well, according to the admin of the Tangan Dewa online game site, this process is part of self-reflection. 

The basic solution in this discussion also has to do with efforts to get closer to God. Well, how to deal with online gambling addiction this one offers details of different ways and is certainly in accordance with the beliefs of each gambling addict because each religion has a way of approaching God. 

But in essence, all efforts to get closer to God (regardless of religion). For example, by carrying out all God’s commands and staying away from all His prohibitions, including gambling. This will be a good reminder for all gambling players so that it is fitting that they no longer be close to the world of gambling plus the pleasures of gambling that are only momentary and artificial. 

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With the development of technology, there are many crime modes found on various sites, including on the shady gambling sites.

This was disclosed by a corporate spokesperson for TanganDewa, an online gambling site provider. To ensure the level of user security, of course there need to be requirements that must be attached to a site. In order to avoid cheating, you can do this by looking at the application of the license on the site provider. This method is a step to check the level of security that you should pay attention to.

This security step is necessary to avoid fraud that could have happened to you, and of course it will make you even more frustrated by the trickery of cheating. There have been many cases of fraud by irresponsible individuals in providing playing services, where the elements do not pay the players’ winnings.

“We strive to provide this information so that you avoid any losses, but it all depends on how you react wisely . If necessary, you don’t enter the site itself, by blocking gambling sites that will keep you from fraud and addiction to gambling games,” said the TanganDewa spokesperson.

This one method is also quite effective in suppressing or reducing your addiction to gambling. By limiting and even blocking online betting agent sites, you can stop for a moment to think about your gambling hobby. To do this, you really have to really intend from the heart and as much as possible keep the commitments that you have built. 

There are various ways to block online gambling sites. One of them is by resetting your PC or Smartphone browser. This method will automatically make online gambling sites not accessible . 

There are also more effective ways to block online gambling sites, namely by permanently blocking these gambling sites. IT experts call this method by the term blocking via network mikrotik.

Now, after you are done with the business of blocking online gambling sites, now is the time for you to re-manage your finances as part of how to overcome the online gambling addiction that you are experiencing. Actually there is no special step to re-manage finances because each individual has their own way of financial management.

However, we recommend that you ask the people closest to you to help you re-manage your finances. For example, the spouse or family member you trust the most. Also make sure that your chosen person has good management skills . 

With good re-management, financial conditions will gradually improve. You will no longer have financial problems, pay your monthly bills properly. You can also start to fill up your savings again, and there are still many good things from re-managing these finances. 

God’s Important Role in Success Apart from the Opium of Gambling

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From a religious point of view, gambling, of any kind, is included in God’s prohibition. However, an addict who has already fallen into the trap of gambling always has the opportunity to return to the path of God. How to overcome online gambling addiction through God’s way is quite varied, depending on the type of religion and belief of each addict.

In general, online gambling addicts can get closer to God as part of their way of escaping addictive behavior. For example, always remembering God; and remember by carrying out worship rituals such as prayer and remembrance for Muslim addicts, running services for addicts who are Christian can be the right solution to overcoming gambling addiction.

Technically, there are several religions that have solutions to overcome various diseases, including community diseases such as the habit of gambling. In Islam, for example, there is a method called ruqyah. Then in Hinduism, we recognize four kinds of worship rituals, namely Anggavati Aaradhana, Satyavati Aaraadhana, Nidanavati Aaradhana, and Anyavati Aaradhana which turned out to be quite effective in suppressing online gambling addiction. 

Ways to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction According to Islam (Ruqyah)

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Ruqyah can be a way to overcome online gambling addiction. This method is in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet. Rasulullah himself had done ruqyah to himself. He also received ruqyah from the Angel Jibril. In fact, ruqyah is not only effective for curing physical ailments, but also can be an Islamic solution for overcoming social ills such as gambling, sexual orientation deviations, prostitution, etc. 

So, how do we reduce gambling addiction through ruqyah? The method is quite easy and you can even go through a ruqyah procession for yourself, or you can also use the services of a ruqyah expert. During the ruqyah procession, ruqyah experts will recite verses of the Qur’an. Usually this ruqyah procession uses certain readings such as Surah Al-Fatihah, Ayat Kursi, Surat Al-Ikhlas, Surat Al-Falaq, and Surat An-Naas. 

However if you want to do ruqyah on yourself you can do it any time. You must perform ablution first so that it is clean from big and small hadas. Then you need to raise your hands as if we were praying. With this hand position, please start reading some of the readings. After you finish reciting the readings, you need to continue with blowing your palms. Finally, you need to rub the parts of your body that are easily accessible by your hands. 

There are also other ways, namely by using a glass of water. The method is more or less the same. It’s just that what distinguishes it is when you finish reciting the readings, you are obliged to blow the water in the glass, then drink. Do this ruqyah procession every day. According to the owner of the Naga95 gambling site, using this method the addiction to gambling will slowly decrease. 

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Surely many have asked whether there is a correlation between ruqyah and gambling? Of course there is. according to one of the betting game experts is one of the haram acts according to Islam. In Islam, gambling is one of the devil’s practices. Satan always whispers the pleasure of gambling to humans. That is, Satan will always give whispers to humans so that humans carry out these demonic whispers. Satan has only one purpose in doing this, namely for humans to deviate from the path of Allah and accompany Satan in hell in the future. 

These satanic whispers will later affect a person’s mind and body. Through ruqyah, the body and mind that have been badly influenced by Satan will become ‘clean’ . In Islamic teachings, demons and infidel jinn are afraid of the verses of Allah. From here you can definitely associate ruqyah and gambling, right? 

How to Overcome the Hindu Version of Gambling Addiction

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Hindus also have a way of overcoming gambling addiction. Through 4 kinds of religious rituals in Hinduism, an addict can reduce his addiction due to gambling. The four types of worship are Anggavati Aaraadhana, Satywavati Aaraadhana, Nidanavati Aaraadhana, and Anyavati Aaraadhana. Each has a different meaning of worship. 


This Satywavati Aaraadhana ritual of worship has the meaning of the belief that God is the One who is one with the universe. This means that God will always exist in every particle in all matter in this universe. Examples: God is in every particle of butter in milk, fire on burning wood, etc.


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This ritual of worship has a much deeper meaning. Hindus have the belief that God manifests himself as all the elements of the universe. In Hinduism, there are 5 elements, namely earth, water, fire, ether and air. Hindus have great respect for these five elements. 


Nidanavati Aaraadhana is a ritual of worship consisting of 9 ways of devotion, namely Kiitanam (chanting praises to God), Shravanam (listening), Vishnusmaranam (remembering and meditating on the name of God), Vandanam (prostrating to God), Paadaseevaanam (worshiping the feet of God ), Daasyam (performing devotion to God), Archanam (performing rituals of worship to God), Aatmaniveedanam (surrendering to God), Sheenam (being a friend to God). 


Anyavati Aaraadhana is the Hindu belief that God has many forms, names, and attributes in accordance with His name and form. Call it the form of God in Hinduism is Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and many more. 

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How to Overcome Addiction According to Psychiatry

In the field of psychiatry, stimulating brain waves is one solution to overcoming online gambling addiction. Therapy that stimulates brain waves will later have an effect on the patient’s brain performance.

The brains of online gambling addicts generally undergo changes. The brain, especially the cranium, has a series of reward system circuits . This reward system has the task of connecting all parts of the brain, including the parts that regulate memory, motor, comfort, and motivation. 

In the case of gambling addiction and other addictions, the dopamine substance in the brain will increase up to 10 times when the substance is stimulated. That is, the brain is forced to produce dopamine substances. 

If the stimulation continues, the reward system in the brain will trigger euphoria. As a result, the brain will be full of dopamine. As a result, the body will be immune to these stimuli. Now, to generate euphoria, the addict will provide an even greater stimulus. This process is what we know as addiction symptoms.

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Healing Online Gambling Addiction Through Therapy At A Rehabilitation Center

One way to overcome online gambling addiction is related to brain function, namely by manipulating brain waves. There is a therapy that is quite effective in reducing gambling addiction, namely audio therapy in which the audio therapy medium has a special wave frequency. 

This audio therapy is very effective in quitting addiction. The reason is because the audio that plays music and natural sounds can calm an anxious mood.

This means that new suggestions will emerge that will help the addict forget about his gambling obsessions and hobbies. The subconscious mind will also reduce and even erase old memories that are associated with gambling. 

Based on the research results, audio with a wave frequency of 8 Hz is able to influence brain waves. Well, brain waves that have received this stimulation will later affect the addict’s subconscious mind. In fact, these brain waves can reset the addict’s subconscious. Usually, this nature sound audio medium is about 30 minutes long.

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Young teenage girl and child therapist during EEG neurofeedback session. Electroencephalography concept.

Naltrexone: Medicinal Opium Gambling

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From the medical field, there is also a way to overcome online gambling addiction, namely with the medical drug Naltrexone. Health professionals or psychiatrists often use this drug to treat various types of addiction, including addiction to addictive substances. 

Naltrexone is quite effective in suppressing addictive behaviors. This drug is able to control substances in the brain called opioid substances. This substance contains the same compound as the compound in the brains of addicts addicts. This opioid substance has the ability to trigger compulsive behavior in a person. 

But is it true that Naltrexone has high effectiveness to reduce or even eliminate addictive behavior in online gambling addicts? Until now, the research team from the POM itself is still making observations; and the effectiveness of this new drug is not much known yet. Though there is a scientific explanation related to it. 

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Naltrexone seems to have side effects for its consumers. One of the side effects after consuming this drug is pain in the digestive system. With this side effect, the authorities to distribute Naltrexone must be selective in buying and selling drugs. Plus there must be a proper dosage rule before the patient takes it.

Our source at MenaraQQ, an online gambling site said that gambling addiction is indeed difficult to let go of. But with these ways to overcome online gambling addiction, they, addicts, still have hope to escape from the dark world of gambling.

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