Here Are Some Useful Tips Healing Gambling Crazy People

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Talking about the phenomenon of online gambling addiction cannot be separated from the solution of healing gambling crazy people. This issue will continue to arise because to this day there is still no specific drug capable of eliminating gambling addiction. If there is, its properties are limited to reducing compulsive behavior which is nothing but a trigger for addiction in a gambling addict. 

The phenomenon of gambling addiction in Indonesia and in other countries has indeed become a new problem. Especially in the middle of a pandemic like this. Habits slowly change due to the new normal policy . This new policy inevitably makes people have to do various activities at home. Their hustle and bustle left them with more free time than in the normal days before the pandemic. 

Many people then take advantage of this moment to look for other activities, such as gambling, which is said to generate financial benefits. And with what result? Nowadays there are many impromptu gambling addicts like some online news portals mention. On the BBC news portal, for example.


So, is there a way to cure a gambling lunatic that is presumably effective enough? There are several tips to reduce addictive behavior towards gambling. Here’s the information for you.


It is not easy to implement this one tip because you also need a process that is not short and must come from yourself. This means that the addict must sincerely intend to reflect and rethink why he used to be attracted to gambling. What was the reason behind him getting interested and plunging into the world of gambling. 

The motivation to play gambling for each gambling player is generally different. The reason for looking for additional income is usually a motivation for players who are indeed lacking in economic capacity. Just entertainment is the main motivation to play gambling for players who don’t have financial problems. There are also those who play gambling just to fill their spare time. Usually young people mention this motivation at the same time to get extra money as their second motivation.

Get Close to God : Tips for Healing Gambling Crazy People

Healing Gambling Crazy People

The best possible help to gambling addiction is help from God. Whatever the religion, God remains the main force who is obliged to be the best helper. From a spiritual perspective, being close to God can be the best alternative to cure gambling crazies. 


By always remembering God, we humans will automatically stay away from all God’s prohibitions; one of them is by not being close and even playing gambling. If you feel like you’re getting away with God after too long indulging in fake gambling wins, there’s nothing wrong with starting with God.

Each religion and belief has different religious rituals. In Islam, for example, how to get closer to Allah SWT is not only by routinely carrying out the 5 daily prayers, but there are several other ways. For example: charity, filial piety to both parents, and even small things whose rewards are really big. 

Likewise with you who are Christians. You can do religious rituals such as running Sunday services and reading the Bible. Doing good to others is also included in worship. Positive routines like this are very effective in getting over the dark times caused by gambling. 

Stop Accessing Gambling Sites

Well, you must do these tips. So that you don’t fall back into the dark world of gambling, it is mandatory for you not to access various online gambling sites that you normally access. It may be difficult at first. However, with genuine intentions, you can slowly try to block online gambling sites. 

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Still related to tips on curing gambling crazies by blocking online gambling sites, you can also do this: reset the browser settings on your PC or Smartphone so that online gambling sites are automatically not accessible . 

You can also take advantage of a number of applications that are quite effective in closing access to online gambling sites. Some of the applications that you can use include FoxFilter and FamilyShield. But if you want to block gambling sites permanently, you can do this by blocking via a network proxy.

Re-Manage Finance

Tips for curing gambling crazies on this one you should try. After all, managing finances is very important. Moreover, the chaotic financial condition caused by gambling. 

Appoint the person you trust the most and who is smart about managing finances as your ‘manager’. You can choose the person closest to you such as a spouse (for those who are married), family, or friends. 

With good and healthy financial management, your financial condition will definitely slowly recover. Take advantage of the remaining money for shopping for basic necessities, monthly bills, and other routine expenses. 

Those are brief tips about healing gambling crazy people. Hopefully this article is useful for readers. Stay Safe, Stay Health .