6 Best Macau Casino Reopen After The Outbreak of Coronavirus


Since August 18, when no new instances of the Covid-19 virus were discovered, Macau has reopened several recreational and leisure venues such as gyms, theaters, pubs, Macau Casino reopen.

Macau has taken its first steps toward recovery by resuming the issue of tourist permits. After coronavirus lockdowns caused a significant drop in tourists, Asia’s gaming capital became a ghost town.

Macau’s economy is highly dependent on tourism and gambling, both of which declined by 49 percent in the first quarter of this year. Therefore, some casinos have reopened these days from the failure. 

Macau Casino Reopen After The Outbreak of Coronavirus

1. Babylon Casino Macau 

The Babylon Casino is located behind the Sands Casino, near the Macau Science center and at the far end of Fisherman’s Wharf. 

The outside looks impressive, although it is not immediately clear that a casino is also located there. No big neon advertising, but simple Babylon Casino above the entrance.

Babylon has reopened after the lockdown in the country. You can gamble there by playing some interesting games.

2. Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa is a true landmark. Located next to the now small-looking Lisboa, it towers at just 300 meters above the rest of the buildings. That does not mean that there is little gambling. 

With over 250 gaming tables and 700 slot machines, it is one of the larger casinos in this part of Macau. The first and second floors are the largest here with numerous gaming tables and slot machines, but the space is also considerable in the basement.

3. Casino Golden Dragon

Casino Golden Dragon is located on Fisherman’s Wharf, across the street from the Pier, and just one block from Oceanus and Casino Real. If you are staying at the Sands, it is conveniently accessible by foot. 

This casino offers a gaming space of roughly 75,000 square feet. With over 100 table games (mainly baccarat), this casino caters mostly to table game players; nevertheless, there is a limited variety of 137 slot machines. It features nice restaurants as well as a motel.

4. MGM Casino

MGM Macau, one of the world’s largest casinos, has reopened. It has a total gaming space of 250,000 square feet spread across two levels. This casino is larger than the MGM Grand Las Vegas (171,500 square feet).

Players may enjoy a broad range of table games, slots, and electronic games at MGM Macau Casino. It contains 400 table games and 1,000 gambling machines in all.

Three Card Poker, an uncommon table game in Macau casinos, is also available at MGM Macau. The casino also features 12 Game King machines where you can play Video Poker.

5. Wynn Casino Macau

Wynn Macau is a casino in Macau’s Cotai district. It is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The casino’s 280,000 square foot gaming area has 672 gaming machines as well as 222 table and poker games. There are eight restaurants, three pubs, and two hotels with a total of 1,004 rooms on the site.

6. The Venetian Casino

One of the best casinos in Macau has reopened. The Venetian Macao is home to the region’s finest retail center, a 3000-room hotel, and gondoliers exploring canals along replicated Italian neighborhoods. Many guests are only pretending to be in Venice. 

As a resort, it has everything; there are nightly performances, wonderful restaurants, and the Venetian hotel is one of the nicest locations to stay in Macau. This is the finest of Las Vegas brought to Asia. It’s totally out of this world and a lot of fun.In the end, if you live in China or have leisure time there, you can obviously visit those six Macau Casino reopen. Those are open 24 hours.