5 Best Casinos in Macau 2021 and Their Popular Games

You obviously know, Casinos are very popular around the world. Yes, it’s the place that adults can gather for a lucky chance. However, do you know what exactly a Casinos is? and do you know the best Casinos in Macau?.

Modern Casinos in 21th is like an indoor amusement park for adults, with gaming providing the main form of facilities (and profits for the owner).

Musical shows, lighted fountains, shopping malls, luxury hotels, and fancy themes all aim to gain visitors, however, Casinos would not exist without games of chance.

Casinos in Macau earn billions of dollars each year from slot machines, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, baccarat, and other games.

In this article you will look at how Casinos make their money, the history behind them, how many Casinos are in Macau, and what the popular games are. There will be some information that you might not know before.

The Business of Casino

Casino Business
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A casino is essentially a public facility where visitors can join in a variety of games of chance, such as gambling. The traditional casino’s pleasures include restaurants, free cocktails, stage entertainment, and stunning scenery.

However, there have certainly been fewer luxury locations that house gambling activities. These would still be referred to as casinos.

Casinos make a lot of money because each game that they provide has a built-in statistical advantage for them. 

Furthermore, while the edge may be small (less than 2%), it can make the casino enough money over time and with millions of bets to create elegant hotels, fountains, big pyramids, towers, and duplicates of famous locations.

Depending on the game, the casino advantage is referred to as the “vig” (short for vigorish) or the rake. The exact number depends on the player’s style of play and whether the casino has set different payouts for video poker and slot machines.

The History of Casino 

History of Casino
Source: Kendall-Hoopes

With primitive protodice known as astragali (cut knucklebones) and even carved six-sided dice found in the most ancient archaeological sites, gambling almost certainly includes recorded history [Source: Schwartz]. 

1. In 16th Century

Before you know the best Casinos in Macau, the casino did not exist until the 16th century as a place where people could find a variety of ways to gamble all under one roof. 

At the time, Europe was surrounded by a gambling craze, and Italian aristocrats frequently held private parties in places known as ridotti.

Gambling was technically illegal, but the Italian Inquisition rarely bothered a ridotto – apparently, the nobles knew exactly when the Inquisition would come up. At that time, the lower-class gamblers didn’t have access to a luxurious setting.

The Venetian government thought in 1638 that if they ran their own gambling house, they would be able to better regulate the situation and make a lot of money.

As a result, the Ridotto, a four-story gambling house with a range of areas for traditional card games and a choice of food and beverages to keep gamblers happy, was allowed.

The Ridotto was known as meaningful for two reasons: it was the first government-sanctioned gambling house in the world, as well as the first to be open to the general public. 

People either came up with the idea themselves or copied it from the Italians, and it spread throughout Europe. In fact, the majority of today’s popular casino games originated in France.

Originally, a casino was a modest clubhouse where Italians might gather for social occasions. The shutdown of major public gambling institutions like the Ridotto pushed gambling into these smaller spaces, where it increased in popularity.

2. In 18th Century

Gambling’s popularity has risen and fallen in the United States, with a particularly strong wave in the 1800s. 

The gambling was an important part of the culture Wild West on Mississippi riverboats also in frontier towns. 

However, it was on the way out when moral conservation seized control of the country in the early 20th century. Nevada as a desert state legalized gaming in 1931.

Nevada authorities, like the Venetians before them, reasoned that they might as well profit from the illegal gambling that was already taking place.

Plus, the brand-new Hoover Dam (then known as the Boulder Dam) was bound to attract visitors; why not give them another reason to spend their money within Nevada’s borders?.

Casinos drew gamblers to Reno, then Las Vegas, where the Strip, a neon oasis of themed resort casinos and glamorous stage shows, replaced the downtown gambler’s casinos.

In the 1970s, Atlantic City, New Jersey attempted but failed, to bring legal gambling to the east coast. 

However, the most significant change in the American casino industry since 1931 occurred in the late 1980s, when Native American tribes decided to join in. 

List of Best Casinos in Macau

If you are currently living around Macau or having a holiday there, you must visit some of the best Casinos in Macau.

There are over 40 stunning new casinos in Macau to choose from, so you’re sure to find one where you can strike it rich. Choose from these recommendations.

1. The Venetian in Macau

The Venetian in Macau

People may think that Macau may be small in size, but it isn’t. If you know, the largest Casino in the world is in The Venetian.

You will have plenty of areas to place your finest bet with 376,000 square feet of gaming space. A total of 1,760 slot machines and 640 gaming tables are available (baccarat is the most popular, followed by blackjack, sic bo, and roulette).

The Venetian also has 3,000 guest facilities, over 30 restaurants (varying from Michelin-starred fine dining to intimate bars and cafés), four outdoor pools, over 330 retail outlets, and an 18-hole rooftop golf course.

2. Grand Lisboa in Macau

Grand Lisboa in Macau

Grand Lisboa is also one of the best casinos in Macau that is recommended to visit. Grand Lisboa is Macau’s tallest building. It stands at 856 feet and is a symbol of the city’s skyline. It’s shaped like a giant golden lotus flower and about as eye-catching as casinos get. 

The gaming area on the inside isn’t bad either. There are over 230 gaming tables and 880 slot machines in the casino. 

Baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, American Roulette, sic bo, 3 card baccarat, and fortune wheel are among the games available. The minimum bet is HK$300 ($38.35), and the maximum bet is HK$5 million.

The Grand Lisboa also includes 430 rooms and suites, as well as some of the city’s greatest fine dining establishments.

Among the three Michelin star restaurants Robuchon au Dome (European cuisine) and The Eight (Chinese cuisine), as well as a choice of other food and beverage options, a luxury spa, an outdoor swimming pool, and daily entertainment shows.

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3. The Wynn Palace

The Wynn Palace

The casino reflects Wynn’s love of elegance. The construction apparently cost US$4.2 billion, and it lives up to its name by being nothing short of opulent. 

The casino itself has over 1,000 slot machines and live table games to choose from. There are 350 gaming tables where guests can play roulette, blackjack, poker variations, and a variety of other games.

In addition, Wynn Palace provides around 1,706 rooms such as the largest spa in Macau, a dozen dining with very casual, also stunning creations like floral and artworks.

You as the guest also can come to the resort by air-conditioned Sky Cabs that soar over an 8-acre, 325,000-square-foot Performance Lake. Isn’t it amazing?.

4. MGM Cotai

MGM Cotai Casino

MGM Cotai opened in February 2018 at a cost of US$3.2 billion. The glitzy resort’s exterior is designed to look like a jewelry box. It’s just as impressive on the inside. The casino has 1,500 slot machines and 177 gaming tables (12 for VIP customers).

The hotel has a total of 1,390 rooms and suites, including 16 Skylofts and 27 Mansion Villas. You can choose from a choice of dining and drinking alternatives, as well as a magnificent spa and an abundance of art if you come there.

The major feature is the Spectacle, which consists of 25 four-story LED walls in the atrium that display digital artworks as well as visitor-generated content.

There are also over 300 contemporary Asian paintings and sculptures on display, as well as 28 Chinese imperial carpets from the Qing Dynasty that once adorned Beijing’s Forbidden City.

5. Morpheus

Morpheus Casino

The last casino in our list of the best casinos in Macau is Morpheus. The US$1.1 billion Morpheus casino (named after the Greek god of dreams) aims to become a new landmark in Macau as the newest addition to the strip. 

It’s the world’s first tower to be wrapped in and supported by a free-form exoskeleton, and it’s visually stunning with no supporting walls or columns. 

Morpheus, which opened in June 2018 and was designed by renowned Zaha Hadid Architects, currently has 40 gaming tables, with more on the way next year.

The hotel has 772 rooms, suites, and villas, as well as an in-house spa, restaurants by celebrity chefs like Alain Ducasse, and a 130-meter-high sky pool.

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The Popular Games in Macau

Popular Gambling Games in Macau

If you are confused about the games that you can play in Macau Casinos, you can take a look at these recommendations. Try one that makes you the most interested in these popular games.

1. Blackjack

One of the simplest table games is blackjack. The goal is to build a hand of cards that is as close to 21 as possible without going over (busting). 

Only the card values are considered, not the suit, which the picture cards are worth ten, and an Ace can be worth eleven or one, depending on the player’s preference. 

The house advantage can be simplified by using a strategy or even counting cards, but a casino can kick you out if they suspect you of card counting. Without counting, the house has a two percent advantage.

2. Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most popular casino games, and they make more profit for casinos than any other game. 

The standardization of the slot machine is part of its appeal: the player inserts money, pulls a handle or presses a button, and waits to see what happens. 

There is no way for a player’s ability or strategy to impact the outcome. Variable bands of colorful shapes spin on reels (actual physical reels or a video representation of them).

3. Roulette

In the best Casinos in Macau, roulette is a popular game that was created by the French (the name literally means “little wheel”). A spinning wheel has 38 spaces, each containing a number ranging from one to 36. The numbers 0 and 00 are in the other two spaces.

The colors red and black are also used to divide the spaces (the 0 and 00 spaces are green). A metal ball is thrown onto the wheel, which spins, rolls, and bounces around before landing in one of the spaces. The players wager on the location of the ball.

4. Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game that is usually played in a separate casino room. The minimum and maximum betting limits are usually higher than those of other table games. 

The house edge can be as low as 0.6 percent depending on how the players wager, but it usually settles around 1.25 percent. In reality, the casino “taxes” some profits at 5% to ensure that they earn money on the game.

In the terms of the game itself, two hands are dealt, one for the Banker and one for the Player. The hand’s value is reduced to a single digit, and the hand with the higher value wins.

5. Poker

Now, we have arrived at the last popular game, it is poker. Poker differs from other casino games in that the players compete against each other rather than the house. 

A rake, which is a little portion of each pot seized by the casino at the end of each hand, represents the house edge. Poker players could potentially be charged based on how much time they spend in the poker room.That is all about the best Casinos in Macau, the histories behind them, and some popular games which you can play. No worries if you are new here, you can try with the small bets for the beginning.

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