How to Play Domino QQ Full Guide, Method, and Tricks

How to Play Domino QQ Full Guide, Method, and Tricks

How to Play Domino QQ – A complete instruction method and exact tricks that rutinqq can help you. To get maximum profits online gambling lovers. We consciously summarize this article for all members, especially beginners.

This tutorial contains the basic lessons on how to play Domino 99, counting cards and also some of the rules of the game that will be needed later in the game. Let’s see the full explanation below.

The complete guide to playing the Domino QQ

1. Understand the basics of Domino 99 Cards

In a set of 99 dominoes there are 28 cards with consecutive values, each card has two different sides, an upper and a lower side, and there is a dividing line in the middle of the card to make it easier for players to count.

Counting is very simple, each card has a series of points with consecutive values, these points being useful as a yardstick for the number on the card


2. Understand the rules of the game of Domino QQ

No less important, we must first understand the rules for playing Domino Qq so as not to make mistakes when playing later, especially for you beginners.

For those of you who don’t know how to count domino qq, you know the method is very simple, that is, you just count the total number of circles on the top and bottom of the card, the sum of both sides is the value of the card that you will receive.

Please note that the maximum value of the Domino qq card is 9 points. So if the result of the card calculation exceeds 10, 20 to 30 points, the count will only be calculated from the last digit.

3. Get to know the Domino QQ special card

In the Domino 99 game, all players have the option of receiving special cards that were provided in the Domino game. It is not uncommon for players to get it more than once in a room.

Of course, this option can bring great benefits to the players, so purchasing the jackpot value is very important, although it is not an obligation for the players.

The special card generates a profit value if the player who manages to buy the jackpot that is already available in the room, the special card also has different values   and advantages depending on the sequence.

The chance of winning the jackpot from this special card is deliberately made available by the IDN Play provider, in order to offer a certain amount of excitement when playing, can of course have an impact on enthusiasm and big winnings for all players.

The following is the order of the special card values   along with the Domino Qq jackpot prize, starting from lowest to highest:

Small Pure x 50

Calculation of 4 cards with a total score of at least 9, if the sum of the points is less than 9 or 8, for example, the result is better and if it exceeds 9, it is assumed that no small pure value is obtained.

Pure Large x 50

Of the 4 cards in hand, the total of points must be a minimum of 39 and a maximum of 43.

Twin blocks x 150

In the Domino Qq game there are 7 cards with the same value above and below. So if you manage to get 4 of these you will receive a special twin card win (twin logs).

Six gods x 6666

Six gods are the highest card values   in the Domino Qq game, the card value consists of 4 cards in hand with 6 points each.

To play Domino QQ with an understanding of the order of the special card values   and the Domino QQ jackpot win, you also need to know that the jackpot value can be bought at the start before the current period to make it easier for players to not to forget.

It’s a good idea when you are making a purchase that see if it really works or not. If it is successful, a notification will appear at the edge of the screen.

Not all players need to buy a jackpot, the jackpot can only be used as one of the tricks to play Domino Qq so it is easy to win many up to hundreds of millions of rupees. / Dy