How to Block Online Gambling Sites

How to Block Online Gambling Sites

How to Block – Online gambling sites are considered to have developed as long as the pandemic has not been destroyed. The number of people who visit gambling sites every day continues to grow. Examples of asia poker and Players assume that if they win gambling, they will get big prizes and suddenly get rich.

This is just a dream because many gambling players end up in debt. Online gambling should only be played a few times by adults who are financially stable.

What is Mikrotik?

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Mikrotikis the operating system in the software that becomes the network router. Mikrotik consists of features of IP networks, wireless networks, ISPs, and hotspot providers. Mikrotik design is specifically designed to meet the administrative needs of a computer network. For example, to build a small to large-scale PC or computer network system.

How to Block Online Gambling Sites Via Mikrotik

Now blocking online gambling sites can be done yourself at home. The following are the steps that can be applied.

1. Block Via Mikrotik Layer 7

The first way is to block sites using a layer 7 proxy. You are required to open a browser first, then follow the instructions as follows:

  1. Online poker browser copy + paste into Notepad

For example the link

  • Enter mikrotik using WINBOX, click IP Firewall and select the option ‘Layer7 Protocol’ and sign (+). When a new tab appears ‘New Layer7 Protocol’
  • Fill it with ‘Online Poker Blocks’ or what you think
  • While in the Regexp box you can type ^.+(*$ ^.+(Fill in with the link you blocked).*$.
  • Click the ‘Apply’ menu and select ‘Ok’
  • Still in the Mikrotik IP Firewall, select the ‘Filter Rules’ tab and click (+). So that a new tab ‘Firewall Rule’ appears
  • Settings tab General, which is in the Chain column and select ‘Forward’
  • Then click Advanced and the Layer7 Protocol column select ‘Online Poker Block’ which has been created in Layer7 Protocol
  • Select the ‘Action’ tab and select ‘Drop’
  • The stages are complete, followed by clicking ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’

Wow, you have successfully blocked the site. Don’t forget to make sure if the site has really been blocked by opening the link through a browser.

2. Block Via Port

Next, how to block using ports. Did you know the ‘port’ is a mechanism that allows a computer to perform several computer sessions and other computers or networks.

Usually the use of ports to identify services and applications that are already connected to a TCP/IP network. The typical port number is indicated by a 16-bit number and the classification of the transport protocol type (UDP and TCP Port). Follow step by step blocking online poker sites as follows:

  1. Go to winbox and click the IP-FIREWALL-RAW option, select the plus (+) option
  2. Make settings on the tab that contains:
  3. GENERAL tab: chain select prerouting, for Protocol select 6 (tcp) in the Dst port column enter 9338,9339,2823,4530
  4. ACTION tab: select drop and click ‘OK’ so that the settings are saved
  5. Then do the online poker block script based on the port and copy-paste to be moved to the New Terminal (CLI) as follows:

/ip firewall raw

add action=drop chain=prerouting dst-port=9338,9339,2823,4530 protocol=tcp

Such are the steps to block poker sites using ports on your child’s computer. Good luck! / Dy