How Many Casinos in Macau? 4 Best Places to Place Your Bets


As the fact, gambling has been allowed in Macau since the 1850s, when the Portuguese government legalized it in the autonomous territory. However, do you know how many Casinos in Macau exactly?. 

Before answering that question, take a look at the history. Since then, Macau has become renowned as the “World’s Gambling Capital” or “Monte Carlo of the East.”

Gambling tourism is Macau’s most important source of revenue, approximately half of the local economy. 

The majority of visitors are Chinese citizens from mainland China and Hong Kong. With the arrival of big international Casinos from Las Vegas and Australia, Macau exceeded the Las Vegas Strip in terms of gaming revenue in 2007.

How Many Casinos in Macau?, Here is The Answer

In Macau, there are actually 41 Casinos (as of 2019), the largest in The Venetian Macao. There are 24 Casinos on the Macau Peninsula and 17 in Cotai. In addition, they are all run by the government and follow the same set of regulations.

We don’t want to make you unable to sleep because you have a curiosity about Casinos in Macau, here we present the recommendation list. 

1. The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Casino Macau is the largest one-piece hotel in Asia, the sixth largest building in the world by area and the largest casino in the world.

Copied from the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas , it was the first hotel in Macau to focus on the entertainment part, hosting a Cirque de Soleil performance six days a week and several concerts in the huge Cotai Arena. The Canal Shoppes are also here, just like in Las Vegas, a must-see attraction.

Minimum bets for the table games start at $200, while you can already play the slots for 2 cents. You can start playing on the automatic table for as little as $50.

2. The Lisboa Casino

For many years, the Lisboa Casino was the largest and most famous casino in Macau. 

However, with the arrival of the modern mega-resorts on Taipa Island, you can’t help but notice that Lisboa looks a bit old and will have to do its best to keep up with the future of gaming as the future of gaming is more focused on entertainment.

The minimum bets are low, roulette starts at $20 and blackjack can be played for as little as $50. 

For the high rollers, the more expensive tables can be found on the second floor. The third and fourth floors are reserved for the VIP players, with about 15 to 20 different companies that have a gambling room.

The Lisboa Casino specializes in the old school Macau games, where you can even play banker at 3 Card Baccarat and Pai Gow.

3. Mocha Clubs

The Mocha clubs in Macau are comparable to the arcades as you know them in some countries. You will not find table games with live dealers, but only slot machines and automatic table games.

In addition, the Mocha clubs offer a reward card with which you can save points. You can return these for gifts, from a voucher for McDonalds to an iPad or a bottle of whiskey. 

You also get a discount with your rewards card in the cafe that you find at every Mocha club. It is certainly advisable to request this, because you immediately have a chance to win free play money.

4. Kampek Casino

The Paradise Kampek casino, formerly known as Kam Pek Arabian Nights, is a rare bird for Macau, as it lacks a hotel.

It’s a place for the most wealthy guests, with a floor of Live Gaming Machines, including dirt cheap Baccarat ($20) and Roulette ($10). Try to play at bandarqq the best choice in gambling.

Yes, Kampek is a small casino, however, it offers a dead chip program for $10,000. You can buy-in earns 0.9 percent cash back (instant), 1.0 percent cash back (monthly), or 1.2 percent cash back (yearly) (comp allowance).In conclusion, you already know how many Casinos in Macau, there are 41 Casinos. However, we provide four reviews of them.