Healing Gambling Addiction Using Ruqyah, In Accordance With Islamic Teachings


Assalamualaikum friend. On this occasion, we will briefly discuss about healing gambling addiction using ruqyah in accordance with the sunnah of Rosulullah SAW. Friends, of course, have heard the term ruqyah, right? 

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Ruqyah itself is actually a collection of verses from the Alqur’an and the hadith of Rosulullah SAW which is chanted as a prayer of protection. A Muslim should often recite these verses and hadiths for the safety of himself, his partner, parents and children. We can also recite these verses and hadith for other people. 

UNDERSTANDING about healing gambling addiction using ruqyah

Ruqyah itself, based on its definition, is divided into two types, namely ruqyah syar’iyah and ruqyah syirkiyah. Ruqyah syar’iyah is the recitation of verses from the Alqur’an and hadith as a form of request for help from Allah SWT. While Ruqyah Syirkiyah is the recitation of mantras that resemble verses and hadiths as part of the method of treatment. Usually for this second type of ruqyah, the patient’s treatment process uses the help of kafir genies. 

Ruqyah syar’iyah itself is actually very good because this type of Islamic treatment is in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet. Ruqyah is also not only effective in curing various spiritual ailments, but can also be used as a way to cure addiction to gambling and other social ills (prostitution, sexual orientation deviations, etc.). 


In connection with gambling which is now rife in Indonesia, there are many of our younger generations who are entangled in the world of gambling. To prevent an increasing number of gambling addicts, various ways are done including by recommending this healing gambling addiction using ruqyah.


Ruqyah, in Islamic teachings, is proven to be very effective in suppressing the compulsive behavior that often appears in the psychology of most gambling addicts. That is why healing gambling addiction using ruqyah is very recommended. This is proof that ruqyah is the cure for all diseases, including ‘diseases’ with physical-psychological or spiritual characteristics. 

The benefits of ruqyah are very much in accordance with the Word of Allah in QS Fushshilat Verse 44 which means more or less as follows: The Qur’an is a guide and healing for the believers. There is also the Word of Allah QS Al Isra Verse 82: Allah sent down the Qur’an which is all healing for the believers. 

Even the Angel Gabriel once visited the Prophet SAW when the Prophet was ill. Gabriel prayed to Allah SWT that Allah would lift all diseases on the body of Rasulullah. In the name of Allah the angel Gabriel also perform ruqyah on the Prophet. 

Performing Ruqyah On YOur Own Body

It turns out that we can perform the ruqyah procession for ourselves. This means that we can self-destruct to avoid psychological illnesses such as gambling addiction. We as Muslims believe that gambling addiction exists because of Satan’s whispers. One of the effective addicting gambling cures is to regularly read or recite verses from the Qur’an for yourself. That is why we use this method of healing gambling addiction using ruqyah.

With the recitation of the verses of the Koran, we will be saved from Satan’s misleading whispers. We can perform ruqyah ourselves by reading the prayers which Rosulullah SAW has practiced. So, are there any special provisions for carrying out this Islamic medicine?

Procedures for Performing Ruqyah On Your Own Bodies

Before starting to discuss healing gambling addiction using ruqyah, let’s discuss about ruqyah’s adab. Some of the ruqyah adab are ablution or tayamum so that they are pure from unclean or hadas.

healing gambling addiction with ruqyah
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While the ways to ruqyah our own body are as follows:

  • Begin ruqyah with dhuha prayer and taubat prayer for two rak’ahs each
  • Reading the verses of the Qur’an by saying the intention of ruqyah in the heart
  • Rub both hands to all parts of the body after finishing reading the verses of the Alqur’an (don’t forget to also read Surah Al-Fatihah, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, An-Naas, and Ayat Kursi) then blow them into both palms
  • Read some verses of the Qur’an and blow it into the water, then drink it
  • Be trustworthy and stay away from all the prohibitions of Allah SWT, including gambling.

Well, the same provisions also apply when you are going to convert someone else, for example a gambling addict. The more often we do ruqyah, the better the results will be. As an way of healing gambling addiction using ruqyah, we should often do it regularly before going to bed. The method is easier and simpler.

We can do ruqyah before going to sleep by positioning the palms of our hands like when we are saying a prayer to Allah SWT. then, we read several short letters such as Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, and An-Naas. Then, we blow on both palms and rub them on the face, hands, feet, and any other part of the body where our hands can reach.

We can use this technique to cure someone who has symptoms or addictive gambling behavior. God’s willing, ruqyah can suppress compulsive behaviors in a gambling addict. we come to an end of topic about healing gambling addiction using ruqyah, see you on next disscuss.