Call of Duty Review: Modern Warfare, Perfect Adventure for Your Passion

Call of Duty Review

Call of Duty Review is about the best Battle Royale game that you should try if you are a PS4 user. This game was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision to perfection. If previously you could enjoy it on a PC for Windows, now you can enjoy updates from this game via PS4.

The game, which continues to receive updates for Windows, Xbox One and PS4, you can even play on an Android smartphone. The latest Call of Duty Review series was released on October 25, 2019, on the Windows, Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms.

Call of Duty Review, Excellent Story for everyone

Call of Duty Review the best Battle Royale game offers a story theme full of war flavour. As a game, which is the Call of Duty Review reboot series released in 2019, it doesn’t carry the same character names as the previous series.

This game comes with a new story and new characters who become original entities with different storylines. You will enjoy the thrill of a war story that is more relevant to the real world. Super real.

When playing this game you will be faced with a new, super scary threat. This point of threat you will find from a chemical weapon in the form of a gas. This weapon was successfully stolen from the Russian military by a terrorist organization called Al Qatala. The organization is led by Omar the wolf embroidered on the fugitive of the US and British special forces. To catch the main enemy in this game, you have to work with Farah. Farah is the leader of the rebels from Urzikstan, the home country of Omar the wolf.

The special soldiers under Price’s leadership must be willing to touch the Russian state. You will find the fact that Russia was able to take control of Urzikstan through the invasion process led by Barkov. Barkov was a merciless military officer who became the main enemy of the rebel forces from Urzikstan. In short, the special forces prize and Farah join to hunt to catch Omar are embroidery. This hunting stunt will take you on an extraordinary adventure.

Call of Duty Review, the best Battle Royale game will make the experience of playing PS4 more enjoyable, the point is you will enjoy every moment that is presented in this game. The various tragedies that exist will lead you to a Superior adventure that is so tense. The real taste of warfare will make it hard for you to forget how exciting adventure is in this game.

Call of Duty Review Perfect Visualization With Lifelike Taste

Following the latest version, Call of Duty Review provides a more perfect visualization. The use of the latest engine in this game makes the newest series of the best Battle Royale games much more pleasing to the eye than the previous series. You will find a more dazzling quality of detail through character models and clothing textures that have a point. Even you will be fascinated by the details of the weapons that are presented.

Call of Duty the best Battle Royale game offers a game of lighting effects that make a lot of moments feel more dramatic. With a more modern approach, this game can present a visual appearance that looks more amazing than the previous series. You will find a video cut scene with pre-rendered characters talking to each other. So that this game will look more alive.

Call of Duty the best Battle Royale game offers more open moments that work well for character building. It is also capable of presenting cool animations that will spoil the eyes. Various actions such as Farah or Price when trying to show the enemy before your eyes with a variety of captivating movements will make you have a different war experience. You will feel the thrill of using firearms quickly and join the chaos of the terror war action involving civilians.

This game deserves to be called the best Battle Royale game because the projection of a war feeling that is presented is more realistic. This visual feels more realistic with the support of the sound side is amazing. You will be amazed by the presence of sound design designs such as gunshots from different weapons. You will also enjoy how the footsteps in single-player or multiplayer mode are heard clearly. So that every available audio is suitable for building an atmosphere that supports the atmosphere of war.

Call of Duty Review Fully Passion Gameplay


Call of Duty the best action ps4 games offers exhilarating gameplay for its players. You will find single-player and multiplayer modes available. For the single-player mode in this game, you will find the best stories that joined France which is so popular.

Through an interesting narrative, this game can represent a more greyed war. The meaning of grey here is that this game carries a message that there are no parties who are bad or good because of the various interests they need.

You will find a more realistic representation and also more real to see how the real war life is. Various dynamic and critical situations are presented in fast motion. To play it, you have to be able to press the trigger of a machine gun to determine who lives or dies quickly, your point will be faced with a hostage situation to terrorism in a very noisy crowd. The various brutal moments that are presented will have heavier moral consequences.

Call of Duty Review the best Battle Royale game captures more of the Dark and heavy Side of a battlefield. You will feel the excitement of playing with the multiplayer mode that is presented. You will feel the sensation of slower and heavier movements when using whatever type of weapon you carry. This game system requires you to strategize to keep moving and running as fast as possible from one target to another. Complete with new map designs and mechanics that this game injects is completely different from before.

The Run and Gun strategy will feel dominant when you play this game. You have to be able to consider whether you have to stay still in one location first to observe a situation that arises or move to the next location quickly. The presence of weapons in this game has more enhanced effectiveness than before. You will be able to kill the enemy with one shot using only the shotgun.

Game Details

Developer : Infinity Ward
Plubisher : Activision
Platform : Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4
Release date : August 23, 2019
Price : around $30 at Amazon or video game store like Good Deals Games
Link :

– visualization increases
– the presentation of war is so brutal as same as real life
– multiplayer is better
– missions with thrilling sensations

– The third person cutscene is weird
– multi player design does not support stories
– less realistic story
– the ops spec does not execute properly



Besides that, in the best Call of Duty Review game Battle Royale you will also find a level system that allows you to pay attention to your ability level. The best solution to winning this game is that you must be able to find the best strategy by taking advantage of the opportunities that exist. So you can play night or day mode more easily.